The Tower Of Terror

3D Modelling and printing of the most famous Disney’s attraction, located in Disneyland Paris the Tower of Terror is an ever green for every ride hunter!

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3D Modelling

Do you have a project or the idea of ??a product that you want to turn into reality? We design it for you and make it ready for production

3D Scanning

Do you need to reproduce an object that really exists as closely as possible to reality? We perform scans of objects, faces and people

3D Printing

Do you have a polygonal model that you want to 3D print? We can take care of it for you by relying on the most modern FDM and SLA technologies


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Some of the most famous object of the last 30 days

Custom Keychain

The ideal product to promote your business or show off a custom gadget among friends.

Custom replica

Create your own scale reproduction and surprise your friends with something unique and you will hardly go unnoticed!

Most downloaded STL

Choose the object from our private collection and print it yourself with your 3D printer


Our digital reinterpretation of the now polluted relationship between nature, man and animals.

Aladdin Cave

Bring some magic to your home with our exclusive digital transposition of the famous cave from Disney’s  “Aladdin”.

Low Poly Head

A modern “Low Poly” head sculpture to be used both as a static piece of furniture and as a led lamp.

The best technology at your fingertips

Get the most from 3D printing by relying on the best brands on the market with state-of-the-art equipment and software


RE-Building the World

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